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Open Letter Calling for Dan Ramos to Resign as Bexar County Democratic Party Chair


March 24, 2011


Dan Ramos, Democratic Chair of Bexar County

P.O. Box 27291

San Antonio, Texas 78227


Dear Mr. Ramos,

The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats calls upon you to resign as Bexar Democratic Party County Chair.

Today, Americans from all persuasions eagerly serve our country by sacrificing blood and bone to protect your right to voice your opinion.  Americans from all persuasions also assumed roles as abolitionist and civil rights leaders, compromising their own safety and that of their families, to establish and defend your right to free speech, equal treatment and protections under the law.

The ongoing civil rights movement, fueled primarily by the condition and blood of the African American, blazed a pathway for equal rights on behalf of all American citizens.  The 1944 Smith v. Allwright United States Supreme Court decision, a ruling that permitted minority participation in Democratic Party primaries, is a clear example.  If not for the unyielding efforts and sacrifices made by African Americans, you would neither have the opportunity to serve as an officer of the Democratic Party in Bexar County (or any other county in the United States and its territories) nor exploit that position to dishonor the African American community and others.

As a Democratic county chair, you are an official representative of the local and state Democratic Party and are therefore entrusted to uphold accepted standards of integrity, ethics and principles.  Those moral safeguards are critical to ensuring that the needs of your constituents, the people of Bexar County, are met as it relates to political involvement and action.  Furthermore, a county chair is a leader of the people.  Democrats are people of all races, religions and lifestyles; we are male and female, wealthy and poor as well as young and old.  As Bexar County Chair, how can you represent and unify the same people you express unbridled contempt for?

The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats (TCBD) calls into question your ability to execute the duties of a Democratic county chair and fulfill your obligation to the people who elected you.We make the case that by demonstrating yourself hostile to the very persons you are obligated to advocate on behalf of, you have rendered yourself incapable of executing certain necessary duties as a Democratic county chair which should therefore forfeit the remainder of your term as Bexar County Chair.  The TCBD feels that the State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) has not only the grounds to take up a resolution to remove you from office but that it has the moral obligation to do so on behalf of the integrity of the Texas Democratic Party.

For clarification purposes, some of the duties of a Democratic county chair, which you have compromised with your statements, are as follows:

TDP Rules, Article 1, Statement of Principles, Section A, Paragraph 5
That all citizens, no matter what their religion or race or how humble or exalted their origin or station, have the duty to participate fully at every level of government and are entitled to an equal voice and to equal treatment at its hands;

TDP Rules, Article 1, Statement of Principles, Section B, Paragraph 3
It shall be the duty of the State Chair and Party Officers at all levels to take affirmative steps to encourage young people, women and minorities to seek selection as Delegates to Party Conventions and as members of Party Committees so that they shall be represented in reasonable relationship to their presence in the state.

TDP Grassroots Manual:
The county chair's official and unofficial duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
·       Recruiting enthusiastic, responsible people to serve as precinct chairs or precinct coordinators in every precinct in the county
·       Bringing together the diverse groups within the Democratic Party and local community
·       Organizing and assisting local Democratic clubs and organizations
·       Representing the county Party to candidates, officeholders, and local, state, and national Democratic organizations
·       Recruiting and developing candidates

The common Democratic principles of civil and voting rights, protection of public education, environmental justice, utility reform, fighting for the needs of the working and middle class as well as providing basic protections to those who have less than ourselves are the bonds that tie us together, not bigotry.

Your comments tear at the fabric of our movement and represent the type of attitudes that have persecuted minorities, GLBT community members, the disabled and the impoverished for generations.

Posted in the upper left hand corner of the Bexar County Democratic Party website ( is a statement called "Who We Are", under which appear your picture and name.  This statement says: 

"Before all other things, we are a family of many different kinds of people.  We come from all walks of life.  We are home-makers, business people, factory workers, public servants, educators, soldiers, preachers, you name it - we've got it.  We come from all skin colors, religions, cultures, genders, sexual orientations and gender identities.  We don't exclude.  That is who we are!" 

Mr. Ramos, do you continue to stand by the "Who We Are" statement found on the front page of the Bexar County Democratic Party website?  I challenge you, and others, to look at the website and look for an answer.

You have created a paradox that must be resolved with either your resignation or further actions to remove you from office.  I find your comments unfortunate and hypocritically insensible.  You defile the spirit and purpose of the Democratic Party with outrageous statements that you so unapologetically continue to reiterate.

The TCBD has elected to hold our next state-wide meeting in Bexar County on April 30, 2011 in the Antioch Baptist Church on 1001 N. Walters St., San Antonio, Texas 78202 at 8:30am.  If you continue to persist in your role as Bexar County chair, the TCBD invites you to address our state-wide delegation and the general public in further explaining the purpose of your comments, how you envision the Bexar County Party collectively moving forward under your leadership and how the Democratic Party will benefit from the callous attitudes which you so zealously defend.

Daniel Davis Clayton
Daniel Davis Clayton
Texas Coalition of Black Democrats, State President
Texas Democratic Party - Black Caucus, Chair
Texas Democratic Veterans, Political Director & Communications Director
Texas Democratic Party - State Democratic Executive Committee, Member

Dallas County Democratic Party, 3302 Precinct Chair


Join us for the First TCBD State Quarterly Meeting

Saturday, Apr. 30, 2011


Antioch Baptist Church

1001 N. Walters St

San Antonio, TX 78202


Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.

Meeting begins at 9:00 a.m.

Invited Guest: Dan Ramos, Bexar County Democratic Party Chair

Registration Fee: $30

Lunch will be served

See you there!



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